Thought of the Day: Mediocrity and Lost

Eventually you get stuck in a rot in your everyday life.And then you realize how pathetic your life can be. We wish that we could be something else or someone else. We idolize fiction and other glamorous life cause mediocrity is a norm in the society. We fantasize about what every writer ambitions for the character to play and how the setting of a situation consumes a character to a perspective he/ she cannot resist. The reality of the situation is that we sink in to this fantasized or glamorized dramatic lifestyles because the norm bores us.Yet even though we could do better with ourselves and make our time worth it, we continue to spin on and on in this web of lies we walk on everyday.

Humanity has the intelligence but the ignorance to do what is expected of them. There is a mindset of controlling ones own life that all of us are in control what we should do with our lives. And yes although I undoubtedly respect individuality and freedom for all our fellowmen, I wish we could have a guide for any of our lives what we should do and at least be aware of what we are good at. So few are remembered in history for their contribution to men and our world because they have discovered something ingenious or created artistry or even helped an entire nation and believe me I respect these kinds of people yet their destiny was long written by our Creator long before but never knew how big of an impact they can have on human history.

But I have always wanted to ask them in their life, before they were famous in our literary books and encyclopedias. Were they ever lost in their life and how would you know that something is worth doing? How can you spark a thought and blaze it upon an entire generation? Because if this is the life I will be forever and even find no meaning at all, then why am I here for? What is the whole purpose of me being born? Am I just gonna be another instrument to procreate my species or at least do something with my life?

Unfortunately, even I can’t say where we are suppose to be and this post will not be of help to you at most. But let me just tell you that I have been there and so have many for sure. The only thing that is going to stop this kind of thinking is if you start with yourself. Start with simple tasks that interest you and also helps you:

  • Exercise
  • Paint
  • Write a Novel (in my case, write about it in a blog)
  • Explore
  • Bond with family and friends

And most of all, relish this mediocrity and loneliness. Relish this feeling. For you can never really find something if you are not lost in the first place. You will never try to push out of bounds if you didn’t feel stuck at the first place. No amazing writer, magician, doctor, inventor, teacher, etc. was ever really great at what they did if they themselves didn’t experience hardships like this.


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