Seasons (Irony)

How would you know the first throb
Of the summer heat burn to pop?
How would you know the lightniing
protested and likely feeling?
Because spring and summer came in
pushing a whirlwind of a ride.

So polish your hair and prep
Wear a peach bloom pin
And cover the toes of floral pink
Its the day of colors
Exciting as May pass of breeze
There you stand near a rink

I wrinkled my nose
And collected my woes
Yet body moved as fast
Now I’m in your arms once more
Smiling, so brightly
Eyes, hypnotizing at my core

I see the seasons of all
I see it beneath the ice blue rise
To the Fall brown eyes
And yet if feels like summer
Of warmth unexplainable
Spring of youth and beauty

Yes, love like the seasons
Whirlwind of passion and delight
Come instead and let me through
Cause eyes like those
Makes me fall harder for you

Am I worthy for the call?
How blessed by the stars above
Staring brightly upon us
While the seasons of your love
Pass on my heart for days to come
Stronger, as it never changed.


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