One Day

One day, I will no longer see a milestone

I will no longer feel a dead burn

And no longer will it be a start of a fight

And yet a farewell to you in far sight

One day, it will end an it is no more

One day, the sun will rise again and so will I

And the start of an early morning fresh

Started in me as a glorious march

To a freedom I know that will always last

Beyond a breaking point in the past

There will be no more, one day

No more tears shed on the corner

No more isolated bewilderment

And the cautious call of now, a foreigner

Cause one day, you will just be a you

That estranged feelings will be buried

In a glass case to call memories

And no longer will it carry

A burden of chaotic stories

And glorious adventures

One day, a new page will be written

Written with a blissful path

So painstakingly desired for so long

Although there might be periods at the end

I know there is no more you in the end


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