Salted wine and powder pills
Bite and drunk in powder cocaine
Intoxicated and white nose sink in lips
Now hazed and bruised left brain
A powder pill so strong
That sinked pretty head, pushed out

A pretty little head anchored to the floor
Bruised and left over to a man left at the door
Favored was it and loved
Though a breaking point and end
Of a tattered idiotic nightmare
And yet naive enough and left no spare

She brushed in her good looks and heart
Thrown out the courage to bring forth
A treasured tattered chest to court
“Behold, the treasured red chest,
I have brought more in spite of the rest”
And so started the face of succulent despair

But the pretty little head obcure and devoured
A powder pill so strong in return of the chest
Pouring, sinking, drinking and inhaling
To which a powder play started in the making
Though crazy as it seem, in fair point
Its a movement of escape in the desolated land

So pour more and take as you pay
An escape from burnt land and core
A clouded judgement brought an end
To the realities and profanities
It started of as a glimpse, nor can you tend
The start of a weak and foul powder play

Bursting are the colors in the powder play
In an overdose of careful stutter
That became a stand of pointless chatter
Turning blissful powder, now a wretched head
And sink beneath your teeth
To hope and gain more to an overdose



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