Brushed up hair and golden locks
Luscious lips and legs for days
Paparazzi coming through in flocks
While the flash of light ignite your soul

Easy as it may seem, come and go
The rapture instinct to be perfect
In a city full of doubting heads and foe
Strike them in a hateful and subtle pose

It is a world of a shattered looking glass
Shine the light of a colored hopeful
To become a faded vixen full of class
An yet no one dares to unlock behind

I am fading, no wonder and no lies
From a lover of life and adventurous souls
To a reckless imitation of perfection
And a manifesto of impertinent cries

Mirror and Meadow

I wandered everyday to the southern west
Imploring into a vast unknown
And found myself in a meadow unrest
Full of wildflowers and dandelions grown

I stepped in toe to toe so ever fond of
This meadow so green and tangled to and fro
And basked into glorious delight
A wonderful place to stay in sight

And so did grew fond of this territory
Spread my wings and let the calm soothe
Until one day, I stepped into an unusual
And found myself colliding into parallel me

I wondered and traced the edges of it
Caressing its constructed design at my touch
Then realizing a crack in the middle
No more can it befit the structure

And for a silent second, I saw relentless eyes
That pushed the crack so fiercely
It ripped of the shreds of the golden structure
Intertwined with all of its lies

I felt a break within my toes
And the shiver beneath my skin
No fault back and your left with woes
As the sprung of torturous stems wrapped you

The unending agony and forlorn self
That wrecked a faceless mirror descended
Though the meadow blooms face past oneself
It strung you to its pretentiousness

And does the start of an unending story
Of broken mirrors and deceitful glory
In a vast meadow of once a girl lives
That succumbed a life not worth living


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