I Woke Up yet I am Dead

Though it seems like days and years before I woke up on a morning slumber. It feels like an eternity that one step can lead you to nowhere. Nowhere but the busiest streets, the bustling city, the numerous flashing automobiles that past and the endless chatter and pit pat of a man cruising through the night as they go home for work, party at their friends house, go to the club, take care of their children and do restless things with other people.

I woke up yet and yet I feel the fall. I woke up yet I saw empty eyes lurking for some change. I woke up yet there is a bask of empty expressions. I woke up yet I am dead.

Following this maze of a path that seems so unclear. I feel as though no lightning can hurt me nor the strike of a billion knives that rain on my parade. I feel as though hurricane can’t stop me now for every step I take. For why can I?

I am awake yet I am dead.

I threw myself up in this bustling city to get up and see that a normal day can blink into a useless day. It seems as though my wanderlust have forsaken me and my entire conclusion of this life has ended. I can no longer see. I can no longer feel. I can no longer hold what was…


What once was mine.

I woke up yet I am dead because there is no more you.

No more you to bring colors and hit me with your playful antics. No more precious antics. No more precious moments that felt like a billion years ago because it felt like my soul left with you. No more teasing and annoying outbursts that seems to spin off at our living room. No more God – given smile to wake me up in the morning as if the world wanted to embrace you with the most beautiful sunshine.

No more.

You are merely a dust in the wind and the soil to the ground now. How we wander through our lives like a glorious symphony was absolutely amazing. And how we stage our lives was like a beautiful movie with our first and last kiss as a symbol of our lives. It was never any less than perfect. And you were any less than perfect.


I felt no burden to disembark
I felt no fear to journey on
And I felt no weary when I saw
A sight as lovely to see that is you

I only felt what many believed untrue
When you said those words, I knew
A pitter-patter of small toes
Will eventually come so close

I am no angel nor the divine light
I am no magnificent sight
But to you, I am a reigning goddess
And I am the moon and stars

Yet I am no leader and preacher
I have no influence of to the others
Yet you are the disciple I love
No stronger than the mass of the above

Yet still I am not a creator of unknown
Manifesting great knowledge and pursuit
But to you, I am an Einstein
Creating beings that will share our timeline

In this journey of flowers, I step unto
Scattered colours as our lives may be
I grew closer and joyful
To a familiar sight that is peaceful

I am bound forevermore in truth
I have no glory than a mere life
Of a not so estranged mother
That fell in love with a father


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