I felt no burden to disembark
I felt no fear to journey on
And I felt no weary when I saw
A sight as lovely to see that is you

I only felt what many believed untrue
When you said those words, I knew
A pitter-patter of small toes
Will eventually come so close

I am no angel nor the divine light
I am no magnificent sight
But to you, I am a reigning goddess
And I am the moon and stars

Yet I am no leader and preacher
I have no influence of to the others
Yet you are the disciple I love
No stronger than the mass of the above

Yet still I am not a creator of unknown
Manifesting great knowledge and pursuit
But to you, I am an Einstein
Creating beings that will share our timeline

In this journey of flowers, I step unto
Scattered colours as our lives may be
I grew closer and joyful
To a familiar sight that is peaceful

I am bound forevermore in truth
I have no glory than a mere life
Of a not so estranged mother
That fell in love with a father



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