Ferris Wheel

It was a day like no other

Beneath the lights

And we dont bother

It was perfect

At the night’s realm

Unbreached of far beyond

But in your I eyes I sought

The warmth and comfort

How do you do that?

A calmness in my soul

A beating in my chest

In here, I have to confess

And as the pendulum circles

Leveling to the highest

And leveling the lowest

Our hands clasped

The night was glowing

But so are we

Two hands of each met

And so does our breath

The mark of love

Not further than what I rue

At evening nights due

Our lips were entwined

I gleam with a smile

And your eyes says it all

Our hearts begin to fall

Deeper and deeper

But the wheel continues

It ticks and circles for everyone

Though it maybe an enjoyment

That is for only one someone

This wheel now creaks

It turns ever so slowly

Before, turns very proudly

Now ending, confined

I sit at the top

It came to a stop

Breaking a hearts memory

From the breakable bond

Fictionless Reality

Pages foretold a merry life

Sweeping the air with its breath

Of princess and princes that foregone

A mountain’s tale of undoing


Flip through the colorful pages

That seek most of you dreams

That spark fictionless reality

That people dare call insanity


What dreams have you bewitched?

What dreams have you insisted?

A matter in life of prosecution

Of a ruthless core in no anticipation


You walk the sheets and blocks of grey

In a defining stone to beat the rest

In a colorless world of no beating chest

You have sworn your life into


Swayed and pulled, you push through

These suffocating walls breach your head

Deep breaths & hollowed faces that bled

Underneath your eyes of liquor and gold


Undress & bear the colors hue

Of a true nature and you

How you insisted on what life to be

In this fictionless reality

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