So the boy with dimpled cheeks and smiling eyes have now set its goal and readies himself. This plumpish boy determined eyes walked near a golden-haired whose beauty is awed by all. Everyone saw his movement and knew immediately.

“Poor boy, there is no chance.” whispered one

But staring eyes did not stop him and he continued on. Everyone knew no trick will work, a lot has tried but no one has succeeded. But he did anyway and maneuvered near the girl presenting a close fist.

Curious the girl asked. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you a crayon.” showed the boy, he then asked. “Would you like to color with me?”

The girl smiled. “Sure, lets do it together.”

The boy painted with vigorous colors using his jumbo crayons. He painted with delight and the girl tinged with excitement with the boy. Strange how two colors bond and create something new. And the pleasure and satisfaction is completed with a creation of a craft. Leaving nothing more unsaid.

I Hate You For Making Me Write This

To the guy I love the most


And though I dunno how to start

And though its awkward for me

I thought it might be a good part

To hear my voice and heart


I never knew, or will I predict

Being in love with a man so thick

And though I am laughing and teasing

Please don’t hate, I’m just messing


I love you to bits and pieces

Know that because of this poem

Even though I despise to be cheesy

Just know you are my home


I hate it whenever I cry for you

I hate it whenever I go nuts for you

I hate that you make me clingy

Just know I’ll hate it more if I lost you


I don’t understand how you do it

How you make my heart so lit

With your smile and laugh

Even though I act so tough


I dunno what makes me more crazy

This poem that is incredibly sappy

Or all the words I used, totally crappy

Or maybe knowing how to end this


Because how can you end it?

When he deserves more than words

More than all the love rolled in a kit

Cause he’s wonderful, truly no words


We may end up in an eternity of bliss

Or fall down in the scariest abyss

Know that I will always love you

And I will probably end with a kiss

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