I Hate You For Making Me Write This

To the guy I love the most


And though I dunno how to start

And though its awkward for me

I thought it might be a good part

To hear my voice and heart


I never knew, or will I predict

Being in love with a man so thick

And though I am laughing and teasing

Please don’t hate, I’m just messing


I love you to bits and pieces

Know that because of this poem

Even though I despise to be cheesy

Just know you are my home


I hate it whenever I cry for you

I hate it whenever I go nuts for you

I hate that you make me clingy

Just know I’ll hate it more if I lost you


I don’t understand how you do it

How you make my heart so lit

With your smile and laugh

Even though I act so tough


I dunno what makes me more crazy

This poem that is incredibly sappy

Or all the words I used, totally crappy

Or maybe knowing how to end this


Because how can you end it?

When he deserves more than words

More than all the love rolled in a kit

Cause he’s wonderful, truly no words


We may end up in an eternity of bliss

Or fall down in the scariest abyss

Know that I will always love you

And I will probably end with a kiss


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