Lies, I hear lies after lies
Spoken of scorn yet not spoken to
Looking beyond the misty window
Yet the mist covers more so
It surrounds me and you don’t know

It whispers of the lonely nights
It wraps my body into its embrace
Setting me perfectly in place
As the rolling pendulum ticks
It speaks and long ignites

It is a stranger yet familiar
So I push it off before its bigger
I sit a top on this red bed
Admiring the time instead
Its 2:51, the clock fails me so

Yet what is new for me?
I quiver in this company
I fear as though it never leave
But an all too familiar feeling grew
It left when all I saw was you


How do you rip a soul in and empty shell?

How could a heart foregone such a  fiery hell?

Funny how life goes on in this pale sphere

And how our eyes turn from red to ashes

I tumbled and flew more in pain

Knowing everything you do was more in vain

Can we break our empty shells and scream

Clueless and colorful lies as it may seem

I was a soaring phoenix full of spirit

And you were the air beneath my wings

But the pouring rain failed us innate

No matter how strong the storm brings

We know very well how this ends

But fear not, for a tropical faith sends

A sun of hope and warmth to lean unto

Where ashes spark a blue flame undying

To a widespread mile of new beginning



I hear noise in a place full of zipped lips
In a pavement that stretches to eternity
I hear depths of uncertainty
Deafening hatred towards self
While I shut and bind
The fiery burn of my wounds rips
I feels as though they embellish my skin
In a beautiful reddish hue in sin
Funny as it may how these noise sound
A mirror pushed to shattered glass
Forming into a speechless enemy
Wrapping around your body sincerely
Kissing your lips, caressing embellishment
Embracing this soulful energy
Whilst you whisper false pretense
Eyes closed, silent and breathless
Its a game of the speechless and helpless
Versus the loud and overtaking mind


I am out of breath
Out of wishful thinking
Out of tears to shed
No more words unsaid

I was at the dawn of breaking
But I kept quiet and locked
The cold water had me sinking
Yet no saviour while I begged

But at the back of my mind
I can give a thousand reasons
For all the unforgiving seasons
A love undconditional and blind

Screaming, begging, and crying
Hoping I was enough undying
I swear every word I said
I ment and my love is still undead

I wanted to be her
The girl you dreamed of having
I know I cant no longer bear
I wasnt enough for you to be saving

Yet I am speechless
How easy it is to release
A love that consumes you once
For a forbidden bound of us


To the man that I love and hate, you are truly amazing.


I could give a thousand reasons why
That those sun eyes like yours can lie
But no soul, nor living can attest
To bridge a bond with a mess
That was foregone in this lilac skies
That I will breathe your every word
Grabbed by vines of your heavenly sighs

But we were walking in broken shattered glass
And stones fell into our chest in such a mass
No heavier burden can engulf a loving soul
To know of such deceit that could take a tole
We were an earthqake on top of our insanity
In break of a water filled clarity

I was a hurricane, no longer existing
Until you thrilled a deeper side, illuminating
Breathing me in your touch of angelic grace
I was stuck in this colourful maze
I screamed in awe, pushing in a storm
We were an earthquake in this firestorm

We sat alone, opposite sides of the rain
Every drop traced our face in vain
I am shook back and forth and the hale
It broke our bones facing this trail
We are one stone breaking and clashing
But no use in crying near a sun shining.

Fictionless Reality

Pages foretold a merry life

Sweeping the air with its breath

Of princess and princes that foregone

A mountain’s tale of undoing


Flip through the colorful pages

That seek most of you dreams

That spark fictionless reality

That people dare call insanity


What dreams have you bewitched?

What dreams have you insisted?

A matter in life of prosecution

Of a ruthless core in no anticipation


You walk the sheets and blocks of grey

In a defining stone to beat the rest

In a colorless world of no beating chest

You have sworn your life into


Swayed and pulled, you push through

These suffocating walls breach your head

Deep breaths & hollowed faces that bled

Underneath your eyes of liquor and gold


Undress & bear the colors hue

Of a true nature and you

How you insisted on what life to be

In this fictionless reality


I felt no burden to disembark
I felt no fear to journey on
And I felt no weary when I saw
A sight as lovely to see that is you

I only felt what many believed untrue
When you said those words, I knew
A pitter-patter of small toes
Will eventually come so close

I am no angel nor the divine light
I am no magnificent sight
But to you, I am a reigning goddess
And I am the moon and stars

Yet I am no leader and preacher
I have no influence of to the others
Yet you are the disciple I love
No stronger than the mass of the above

Yet still I am not a creator of unknown
Manifesting great knowledge and pursuit
But to you, I am an Einstein
Creating beings that will share our timeline

In this journey of flowers, I step unto
Scattered colours as our lives may be
I grew closer and joyful
To a familiar sight that is peaceful

I am bound forevermore in truth
I have no glory than a mere life
Of a not so estranged mother
That fell in love with a father